Times Tables Games

We have had lots of fun in Class 9 today playing some games to help us learn our times tables. They’re quite addictive! Here are the links for you to have a go at home:


http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/maths/games?page=3 (Click on the Times Tables Grid Game)

I also really like this one: have a go at making your own times table rap! https://www.nationwideeducation.co.uk/www/flash/bso/bso-flash/index.html



Class 9 have been finding fractions really tricky, so yesterday we made fraction walls to help us. We looked for different patterns we could see, like the fact that the denominators (bottom numbers) got bigger as we went down the wall. Today we used our fraction walls to help us explain whether statements comparing fractions were true or false. This is a picture of Ellee’s fraction wall. Can you use it to say whether it is true or false that six tenths are bigger than two fifths? What other statements can you make?

2016-11-18 16.20.34


Brilliant balances

We have been very lucky to have Ms Richards working with us in Class 9 to help us improve our gymnastics. We did lots of work on quality balances on the floor before half term, and now we have moved on to the apparatus. Have a look at these pictures – what do you think?


2016-11-15 14.56.30  2016-11-15 14.57.18 2016-11-15 14.57.26 2016-11-15 14.57.34 2016-11-15 14.57.47 2016-11-15 14.57.57



Class 9 have been working really hard on Macbeth: The Musical. This morning we took it into the hall for the first time to work on staging, and it’s looking wonderful! We can’t wait to perform it to parents on Thursday 1st December at 4pm – make sure you get your tickets from the office.

(P.S. We’re not posting any photos so the performance has maximum effect!)


Hello world!

Welcome to Class 9’s blog! Watch this space for news about some of the exciting things we’ve been up to. You can also check out the Homework and Spellings pages for reminders about this week’s home learning tasks.

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